Saturday, November 1, 2008

Apple Picking

We went apple picking at Sky Top Orchards in North Carolina. Brian's parents were in town so we went with them, Jeff and Chan Wey and their friend Yili. We had a lot of fun climbing trees to reach the apples and filling our baskets with the yummy, crisp fruit! Daniel even climbed a tree with the help of Uncle Jeff! Daniel also ate his first whole apple! (I normally cut it up for him at home.) Brian, Daniel and I took a tractor ride through the orchard which Daniel loved. The orchard also has some play houses for the kids to explore, which Daniel promptly wanted to do! The following few weeks we had some delicious apple treats from our fall excursion including apple pie and apple turnovers. I love apple picking. It just doesn't feel like fall without it, even if we have to pick apples in warm weather now! ;-) It was a great day to spend with Brian's family letting the kids run around and just have fun!

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