Tuesday, July 22, 2008

One Year Stats and One Year Pictures

Alayna had her one year check up last week. Her stats are:

Weight: 17lbs 12oz 3rd%tile
Lentgh: 24" 35th%tile
Head: 17.75 45th%tile

Here are some pictures that Brian took for her one year pics. I think he did a great job!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Fourth of July

We celebrated the Fourth of July with my mom and brother. My mom made some great food of course!! Daniel had a blast playing in the pool she set up for him in the yard. He also blew bubbles with Bobby and had fun on the swing and pushing his trucks around outside. He and my mom raced with a Lego on a spoon, which is one of his new favorite games when we go to visit her! Alayna also took her first three steps! How appropriate for Independence Day! She is finding her own independence. We all went to watch the fireworks which Daniel was so excited about! So cute!!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Fun to Be One

Alayna is one year old already!! I remember so clearly the day she was born, (well, before the meds!) When they pulled her out and announced that it was a girl. We knew that it was to be a girl from the ultra sounds, but I couldn't completely believe it until we saw her for sure. When they announced it, I just started crying! I remember her sweet perfect face and her ability to latch on right away and start nursing! I was so excited! Daniel was so sweet holding his new baby sissy; I just loved watching the two of them together already!

Alayna is an absolutely amazing addition to our family. She has an incredible laugh and she scrunches up her face when she smiles!

Here are some things Alayna loves and is doing:

Cuddles!! She is a huge cuddle bug! She loves to be held and still enjoys being in the sling

First steps!! Alayna took three steps on the fourth of July!! Now she is determined to start walking as she keeps trying and getting farther each time!! Before we know it she will be walking with confidence!!

Sign Language! She does "more" but it is more of a clap, but we know what she is trying to tell us! She can also sign "book." It is so sweet to see her little hands come together then put her palms up. Sweet palms! I just want to kiss them all the time!! :-)

Books! Her favorite book is Where is Baby's Belly Button

Food! She is such a good eater! We have started giving her some of what we are eating and she seems to be enjoying it most of the time!! She loves a banana cut up, pasta and polenta. She still does great with all her baby baby food. Yea for a good eater!!

Daniel! She just adores Daniel and I think she is trying to say his name. She cracks up at him and gives him hugs!!

The computer! Any time I am on the computer, she wants to play with the keyboard.

Imitating! She loves to imitate what we are doing or tries to get us to imitate what she does!! One of the sweetest things she imitates is blinking her eyes. If we close our eyes for a second, she closes her eyes too.

Music! Of course we are excited about this! When she hears music she starts clapping her hands, bobbling her head and bouncing. So cute!!

The pool and baths! Alayna just loves water! She loves to splash and play with Daniel!

Uh Oh! Alayna loves to drop things and say "Uh Oh!" It is so cute! I think it is her first clear word that she understands what it means.

So many more, but those are the main ones I can think of right now.

We celebrated her birthday with just my mom and Jeff and Chan Wey. It was so nice and intimate with just us! She loved her balloon! She loves balls, so we got her a pink ball which she was so excited about. We also got her a boat with animals that makes music. When the music started, she just kept bobbling her head. We also want to get her a toy box for her room, but we have to order it. My mom thought this was the best! My mom got her a baby carriage and Jeff and Chan Wey got her a cute dress and an adorable swim suit.

I was so excited for her to eat her cake and make a mess! But she was not as enthused! She grabbed at the icing, but made a funny face like "What is this yucky stuff?" She wouldn't eat it either! I tried to feed her some on my finger, then we tried putting Cheerios and fruit puffs on it to entice her but she was still not thrilled. Then we tried giving her a spoon. How many parents give their one year old a spoon to eat her cake? But she still wouldn't eat it. But she did make a mess, which is what I was really going for!!

We are so blessed to have two beautiful and wonderful children. I thank God every day for them, (well, multiple times a day!!!) :-)