Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Leaf Peeping

We went leaf peeping last weekend up to Caesars Head. By the time we actually got going, it was pretty late in the day and with the time change, it was going to get dark soon, but we tried anyway. Caesars Head is a mountain around here. The twisty road to arrive at the top was interesting....I am glad Brian was driving! We arrived just at sunset so it was pretty, but quite cool. We had just enough time to climb some rocks, take some pictures and have dinner. It was nice to enjoy the quietness and to enjoy God's beautiful creation! It was pretty clear, so we could see a good distance out. Daniel had fun climbing the rocks and watching a kitten climb the rocks and trees! Enjoy the pics!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


We had so much fun Halloween night. Daniel was so excited to hand out candy to the kids! He was so cute! Each time he would say "Happy Halloween" and ask why some kids did not say anything. A couple costumes were a little scary so he just stood there and stared with a funny look on his face. He had so much fun passing out candy that he did not want to eat dinner! Anyone that knows Daniel knows how much he loves to eat! Jeff and Chan Wey came over later and we went out trick-or-treating. We only went to a couple neighbor's homes. Daniel had fun, but was so cautious walking up to the doors! We came home and watched It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown and had some apple cider. Daniel counted his candy and then wanted to play with it. We sorted the candy into like piles. I am so happy he hasn't asked to eat any of it. I wish I was content just playing with candy and not eating it! Anyone who knows me knows my love of candy! Maybe I could loose the rest of this baby weight if I didn't like sweets so much!! Alayna did well too. She made it to a couple houses, but then started getting a little fussy. I put her in the sling and she calmed right down! I love slings!!! Someday maybe I'll share what I love so much about slings!! Hope you all had a good Halloween! Enjoy the pics!