Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Two Sweet Pumpkins!

Happy Halloween! I am going to have the sweetest Halloween with my two little pumpkins! Last night we carved our pumpkin so that we could enjoy it all day. Daniel had a lot of fun cleaning out the pumpkin. We were wondering how he would react since he doesn't like "yucky" stuff on his hands but he did a great job! He was very enthusiastic at first, but then lost interest and just wanted to play, so Brian and I finished it up. I made some hot apple cider and roasted the pumpkin seeds. One batch was the typical salted variety and the other batch was made with sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg. Yummy! Those are Brian's favorites. Tonight we will watch It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown and then go trick-or-treating at a few neighbors homes. We will go early to hopefully miss any scary costumes! He'll have fun giving away the candy tonight too! On Sunday our church had Trunk-or-Treat where the small groups decorate a car with a theme and a game for the children. Daniel had fun playing the games and getting candy. He doesn't know that you are supposed to eat the candy. He just likes to play with it in his little pumpkin! It is so cute! I just really don't want to introduce candy just yet. He is totally fine without it! I am sure it will come soon enough. But he is excited to dress up in his pumpkin outfit! He looks so cute! Alayna is wearing a pumpkin sleeper with a little orange hat with a stem. My two little pumpkins! So cute!! Probably the only Halloween I will be able to dress them alike! Kids are so fun!!!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

First football game

Daniel and Alayna went to their first football game today. Brian's new group at work went to the Clemson game today. We were trying to decide if we should take Daniel or not, but decided that he would probably enjoy it. People down here are fanatical about Clemson, so we thought we would see what all the hype is about. Well, getting us all packed and there was no small feat. We arrived well before the game started, but by the time diapers were changed multiple times and Alayna was fed, we didn't arrive in the stadium until partway into the 1st quarter. Our seats were just about in the last row of the stadium, so our legs were burning by the time we reached our seats! Daniel did quite well. It was so hot; not my idea of football weather, but he was a trooper! It was so cute watching him try to use the binoculars! He also kept saying that he wanted to go down and play football with the players! Alayna was very content attached to me in the sling. I love baby wearing! I wish I would have known more about it when Daniel was an infant! Overall, it was a nice family outing. It was very strange though going to a game for a team of which I am not a fan. I could have tolerated the heat if it was an OSU game, but not a sea of orange.... It did however cause me to miss college just a bit. I all of a sudden felt a little old going to a college game with two children! :-)

First Blog

So this is my first blog... we'll see how this goes! The intended purpose of this blog is to keep family and friends updated on the happenings with our family, especially the kids! I am terrible at e-mailing everyone, so maybe this will help. Perhaps I will figure out how to post pictures as well!