Saturday, January 19, 2008

It snowed!!!!! Yea!!! It started Wed. night while we were at music practice. When we left practice Daniel was so excited! He squealed, "Hey snow, don't fall on my head! Hey silly snow, what'cha doing?" When we returned home, Daniel and I played outside until 10:00! We made a little snowman and threw snowballs at each other. Actually, I made the snowballs for Daniel to throw at me. Neighbors probably thought I was a terrible mother playing outside so late! But I was afraid the snow would be gone the next day. That night, I took a walk at midnight. It was snowing big snowflakes and the street was covered with snow. I love walking in the snow and hearing it crunch. It was so peaceful out there! Well, lucky for us, it was still there in the morning even though it had started to rain. We played outside in the snow for quite a while! We made two snowmen, one little and one big. I made the three big snowballs for the big snowman with Daniel, but we needed Brian to put it together because since it had rained, they were more like snow and ice balls which made them extremely heavy!! And yes, those are Tootsie Roll Pops for the eyes, nose and mouth. Since it was so icy, nothing would stick, so we needed something we could stick into the ice. I just happened to have some pops left from Halloween! :-) We came inside and had some hot chocolate. Yummy!!! What a treat the snow was for South Carolina! Not having cold weather and snow down here is hard!! So I thanked God for the snow a lot that day!!! It was so exciting to see how much fun Daniel was having!! We had a blast! Yea snow!

Alayna with her Nonnie and Ama

Friday, January 11, 2008

First Bites of Veggies!

Alayna had her first taste of sweet potatoes! She was not very excited about this however. She didn't cry, just crinkled her brow and would not open her mouth for another bite. :-) I tried to alternate between cereal bites, then I tried mixing a tiny bit into the cereal, but she still clamped her mouth shut! I think we were able to get about a teaspoon in! I have been trying a little bit at each cereal feeding and today she ate it pretty well! (mixed with cereal!) The sweet potatoes on her nose is just too cute!

Monday, January 7, 2008

First Bites of Cereal! Yummy!

Alayna had her first taste of "solids" December 28th! "Solids" sounds a little funny since it it is more like liquid mush! She did really well! I was ready for her to hate it at first since that was our experience with Daniel, but she ate it really well! She actually ate a total of about 6 tablespoons! I still make sure I nurse her first to get the good stuff! She is eating cereal twice a day now. It has almost been a week with no reaction, so in a few days we can move on to a veggie! We started with sweet potatoes with Daniel, so that is probably what we will do with Alayna. I'll keep you posted!