Saturday, March 13, 2010

Fixed It

Well, somehow I fixed it. My head hurts!

Computers Drive Me Crazy

I was trying to change something on my blog and somehow everything ended up at the bottom and I can't figure out how to get it all back to the right hand side where it used to be. I was just trying to change the background like I have before, but this time it didn't work and now everything is messed up. I feel so stupid when it comes to computers. I was getting excited to actually post stuff on mt blog again and I mess it up somehow. Yep! Leave it to me! If anyone knows what I did wrong, I would love advice!

Arrival of Julianne

We finally met our sweet baby girl! Julianne was born on September 25th weighing 6lbs 13oz! She is our biggest baby yet beating Daniel by a pound! Daniel and Alayna were so excited to meet her. Alayna just wanted to hold her the entire time they were in the hospital room visiting! So sweet! We are now a family of five! Oh my goodness! God is so good!!d!