Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Wedding Cake

Well, I made my second wedding cake in October. A friend from church asked me if I would make her daughter's wedding cake and although I was beyond nervous, I said yes. She is actually the one who gave me my first referral for the first wedding cake I made back in April. I was excited for the design of this cake, especially after I made a practice cake to see if I could get the quilted effect she wanted. It ended up being a Four Tiered Red Velvet cake with cream cheese filling and butter cream frosting. The design was dots with a shimmer on all tiers with a quilted pattern on alternating tiers. A black satin ribbon completed the bottom of each tier. I also made two kitchen cakes for extra cake. After I made the practice cake I thought everything would go well. Well, as you can see, I had a mild set-back! After I had the final layer of frosting on two of the cakes, I noticed that the icing was starting to sag. So Brian helped me shave off the outer edge of the two cakes so that I could try to re-frost them. I was a nervous wreck!! But after it was finished, I was mostly happy with the results. It also was a little too moist for the supports but thank goodness it didn't fall! Brian took the pictures and blew out the background because the wall behind the cake wasn't very pretty. Also, they wanted to red flower showing for the reception, but I really liked the white flowers on top best, so we took a quick shot with the white flowers facing out before I turned the flowers for the reception. I also liked the effect he did to darken the cake in the one picture so I thought I would share it.


Yes, I know it is mid November and I am now just posting Halloween pictures! We had a fun Halloween. The Sunday before we went to our church's Trunk-or-Treat. There was a fire truck there so Daniel was able to get up inside and sit in the driver's seat. Very appropriate since he was dressed as a fireman! That week we carved our pumpkins and roasted pumpkin seeds. We made salty and sweet seeds. Oh so yummy! We still have a couple pumpkins that I am using for Thanksgiving decor that we will be able to get the seeds from next week and enjoy! We took Daniel and Alayna trick-or-treating to a few houses in the neighborhood. Daniel did great this year going up to the door and saying trick-or-treat and thank you. Alayna was also brave enough to walk up to the door. She held a piece of candy in her had the entire time, and each time she would go up to the door, she would either try to give her candy to the person handing out the candy or drop it for another piece. Too bad she doesn't get to eat any of it! Thanks Alayna! ;-) They were both so cute dressed up. We had a lot of fun!

Monday, November 10, 2008

New Blog Title

So I changed the title of my blog to Snowflake Mama. I am still crazy for snow, but I didn't think it described anything about my blog. Since the blog is mainly about my kids and being a mom, I thought it needed a change. But I still wanted snow in it somehow! Since we live in SC without snow, I try to incorporate the idea of snow into as much as I can! :-) I wish I was more creative and if anyone has a better idea for me for the title, let me know!!!!!

Ohio and Michigan Trip

In September we took a trip up to Michigan for Brian's cousin's wedding. On the way we stopped in Ohio to visit with my grandma and also had the sweet blessing of visiting with some old friends that I haven't seen in years!! We were also able to stop in Cincinnati since it is right on the way home and see some great friends from college. The trip overall was very good. I was most concerned about the kids sleeping arrangements, even over the long car ride, because Alayna had never slept in the pack-n-play and Daniel needs a rail on his bed so that he doesn't' fall out! But the first night, Alayna went to sleep beautifully and Daniel just slept on a mattress on the floor, so when he fell out, which he did, it was just a short distance to the floor! He didn't even wake up when he fell!! The wedding was beautiful and I was able to meet some of Brian's family that I had never met before! We had a great time visiting and catching up with everyone and everyone enjoyed seeing how much the kids had grown! In Cincinnati, our sweet friend Christy made dinner for everyone who came over to visit with us. She makes a yummy cranberry chicken! Oh so good! Daniel and Alayna did great in the car, although Daniel watched dvds the entire time! I felt like he needed a t.v fast when we returned home. I think he probably watched the movie Cars 20 times! Overall it was a great trip, but being in the car with two very voung children for over 36 hours total was interesting!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Apple Picking

We went apple picking at Sky Top Orchards in North Carolina. Brian's parents were in town so we went with them, Jeff and Chan Wey and their friend Yili. We had a lot of fun climbing trees to reach the apples and filling our baskets with the yummy, crisp fruit! Daniel even climbed a tree with the help of Uncle Jeff! Daniel also ate his first whole apple! (I normally cut it up for him at home.) Brian, Daniel and I took a tractor ride through the orchard which Daniel loved. The orchard also has some play houses for the kids to explore, which Daniel promptly wanted to do! The following few weeks we had some delicious apple treats from our fall excursion including apple pie and apple turnovers. I love apple picking. It just doesn't feel like fall without it, even if we have to pick apples in warm weather now! ;-) It was a great day to spend with Brian's family letting the kids run around and just have fun!