Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Gift of Nursing

I love nursing! Unfortunately Alayna is finished. But I thought I would share briefly what it is I loved about nursing Daniel and Alayna.

1. I love the sweet bond between the baby and myself
2. I love the special cuddle time
3. I love their eyes gazing up at me.
4. I love the fact that God has created the perfect nutrition for our babies!
5. I love that my body makes milk!! So crazy!!!
6. I love that they can be fed anytime, anywhere
7. I love cuddling skin to skin
8. I love when they unlatch and give me a big smile then go back to nursing.
9. I love that they were all mine for a few minutes every couple hours
10. I love their sweet smell after they nurse

Nursing was always difficult for me but so completely worth the struggles! I think it is one of the most beautiful gifts we are given and I thanked God every time I nursed for the ability to feed my child and the bond we developed. I will always cherish those special moments!!!

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