Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Eight months!!

I can't believe it! Alayna is eight months old! These months have absolutely flown by! They have gone so much faster than they did with Daniel! She is doing so many fun things now! Lets see, she can sit up well with only a few topples, she is eating rice and oatmeal cereal, sweet potatoes, carrots, peas, bananas, apple sauce, and some bites of "real" banana that we were eating! She absolutely loves bouncing in the baby jumper! So cute!! And yes, that is our bathroom in the background, but it is the only place downstairs with molding on which to hang the jumper! ;-) She loves books, things that rattle, music, being held of course, her toes, being tickled and so much more! She enjoys sitting up more to play than laying on her belly to play. She really only lasts a few minutes on her belly before she becomes unhappy. She loves watching Daniel play and especially when he comes over to her to talk or give her a hug! We have a picture with a poem called "Children Are" hanging over the changing table. Every time I stand her up on the table, she swings her head and body around to look at the poem in anticipation of me reading it! So cute and so cool to see her recognizing something and anticipating it! We have been so blessed with two beautiful and wonderful children!! What a privilege and grand responsibility!

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